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Terms & Conditions
1. Providing information in the "Vendor Information Form" does not constitute acceptance as an approved & registered vendor. The registration of vendor is the sole discretion of Octamec.
2. Failure to enter all of the mandatory information will not enable us to post your vendor file to our database.
3. Being a registered vendor DOES NOT guarantee the receipt of notification for all applicable solicitations or invitation to offer or the award of any purchase contract or award of any invitation for bid or request for proposal or request for qualifications.
4. Vendor is responsible for the content of the information and its vendor's responsibility to keep all information current and provide any subsequent updates, additional information as and when required and when desired by Octamec.
5. Octamec reserves the rights to evaluate the vendor on periodical basis and decide the continuation / discontinuation of business with them based on the evaluation report.
6. Representative of Octamec 'OR' their nominated agency has the right to visit vendor's premises for the verification of information with a prior intimation to them.
7. At later date if it is found that the information furnished is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or is incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the registration and recover the dues (if any) from you.
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